Required Courses

COGS 222(F)Minds, Brains, and Intelligent Behavior: An Introduction to Cognitive Science

This course will emphasize interdisciplinary approaches to the study of intelligent systems, both natural and artificial. Cognitive science synthesizes research from cognitive psychology, computer science, linguistics, neuroscience, and contemporary philosophy. Special attention will be given to the philosophical foundations of cognitive science, representation and computation in symbolic and connectionist architectures, concept acquisition, problem solving, perception, language, semantics, reasoning, and artificial intelligence. [ more ]

COGS 493(F)Senior Seminar: Cognitive Science

The goal of the cognitive science senior seminar is threefold. Firstly, we will revisit the foundations of cognitive research by reading some of the classics that established cognitive science as a field in the middle of the 20th century. Secondly, we will engage current research trends in cognitive studies by looking at work published in the last five years on cognitive neuroscience, embodied cognition, dynamic systems theory, empirical approaches to consciousness, and situated robotics. In addition to attending to the specific empirical details of this latter work, we will also discuss how current research elaborates, expands, and sharpens early conceptions of the domain and methodology of cognitive science. Our final goal will be the preparation of individual research papers by members of the class. These will be on topics determined in collaboration with the instructor. Students will be responsible for presentations on the assigned readings, and for the development of a final paper involving independent research. [ more ]

COGS 494(S)Senior Thesis: Cognitive Science

The senior concentrator, having completed the senior seminar and with approval from the advisory committee, may devote winter study and the spring semester to a senior thesis based on the fall research project. [ more ]